Auckland Arts 2016


ShortHand[?] – Aaron McConchie

In ‘ShortHand[?]’ Aaron explores a new, hybrid, pictographic alphabet that includes graphical representations of Latin and Maori characters. Restricting each story/statement to 140 characters experiments with the unique economy of words associated with the contemporary social media lexicon of Twitter. The viewer is invited to decipher the pictograms using a variety of keys, either physical or virtual, through printed material and social platforms.

Field – Angus Muir and Alexandra Heaney

Field  is a mesmerising artwork that brings the surreal into the festival environment in a unique and approachable way, reflecting the landscape and dynamic spaces within when viewed from the many aspects of the festival site.

Ngahere – Robin Rawstorne, Judy Darrah, Sue Hillary and Lisa Reihana

Ngahere is a formal abstraction that is grounded in the sheer stature of trees and bush that emphasises key realities of shielding and providing protection. In tandem, Ngahere becomes a mark on the land, and focus point. A place to gather. Ngahere represents the removal of the 69 pine trees of the stadium and the pinewood bend that is used in Speedway as the tree bend in dazzling camouflage. This collaborative work was commissioned for the inaugural Festival

Hashtags Get Real – Margaret Lewis

The mobile phone and our need to constantly be connected is a phenomenon commented on in popular culture. Regardless of how we feel about it, being connected digitally is a current reality for almost everyone. Our provocation? Online time should be approached with the same intention and integrity we bring to our best offline interactions. #GetReal at #ACLFestivalNZ

Hive Huts – Lou Purvis and Renee Te Pairi

A series of gambian cages made into old school bee hive huts for people to relax and play in.

The Domino Effect – Piet Ubels and Sean Taylor

300 giant timber dominos that everyone can ‘play’ with. The familiar form of a domino may evoke a childlike or nostalgic view of the items, whilst the large scale creates a large and almost surreal feel to the interaction. Each domino also has a haptic quality in its sturdy timber construction.

ZeltsitZe – LGOP(Looks Good on Paper) – Suza Lawrence, Warwick Bell & Issac McCormick

Project ZeltsitZe responds to our collective need for shelter and comfort, a need that has not changed since our ancient nomadic lifestyle. A ZeltsitZe is a new urban sculpture that invites human interactivity with a seat that is hidden. It is a hybrid structure on the boundary between art and design – simultaneously an elemental sculptural form, an outdoor canvas and a comfortable resting place with a built-in fitting experience where you can literally position yourself in the centre of the work.

Woven House – Jeff Thomson

Inspired by the terrain and texture of our land and people, this flag design represents the elements at large, our multi-culture and vibrant spirit. The circle represents navigation to New Zealand from the past to present and future.

The Wells – Share Arcade is Julieanne Eason and Carl Pavletich

The Wells is an interactive installation made of stalk-like structures that release a fine mist when activated by the turn of a pinwheel, offering refreshing respite for festival-goers. How does this work? Could you blow on the pinwheel so that I can stand under the mist.