Itty Bitty Beats



Sat 3/03

Auckland Kiddie Limits


Award Winning Christchurch Children’s Music duo Itty Bitty Beats formed in 2014. Their debut album “Bath Time” was nominated for Best Children’s Album of the Year in 2015. In August 2016 they won the Tui Award for Best Children’s Album and Best Children’s Song at the Children’s Music Awards. In 2016 they released their travelling album ‘On The Move’ and their Christmas EP ‘Itty Bitty Christmas’. Itty Bitty Beats were excited to release their first music video for “Kiwi Convoy”feat. Chris Lam Sam (from the Funky Monkeys) in November 2016.

Itty Bitty Beats makes music for little ones with parents in mind. Parents need to listen to these songs too (on loop at times) so it’s been exciting to hear from grandparents, parents and kids alike that they are enjoying the music. With the combo of their tertiary music training and parenthood, Jenny and Lucy have found a way to write songs that appeal to the ears of all generations.

The pair met at Jazz School in Christchurch back in 2002 (where they also met their music-making husbands). Since having their children, the two friends decided to create music for their kids, which snowballed into this awesome adventure. Jenny’s husband Rob Payne has produced all of their music.

They have performed a number of shows around NZ and appeared on multiple episodes of the ‘Suzy and Friends’ show. Highlights include performing at the ‘Screenies’ in Auckland and singing live on Breakfast.

The last few years have been an incredibly exciting time for Itty BittyBeats and they’re thrilled to be finalists in all three categories for the 2017 Children’s Music Awards. Best Children’s Song & Video for “Kiwi Convoy” and Best Children’s Album for ‘On The Move’. They can’t wait to see what this year will bring and are as busy as ever writing new music, performing shows and dreaming up new ways to express their creativity in this wonderful genre!