Sat 3/03

Golden Dawn


Tired of the Auckland CBD, Lawrence Arabia took to sea. His brightly painted sloop pointed south, Lawrence and his crew (Hayden Eastmond-Mein and Tom Watson) set their sights on the stormy shipping lanes of the nation’s capital: Wellington. Pulling into harbour, they noticed, to starboard, three titans of Wellington's roots-dub-reggae “massive”(Mike “Fabulous”August, Toby Laing and Riki Gooch) gesticulating urgently but funkily on the wharf. Sensing the men were in need of rescue, Captain Arabia hollered, “come aboard!”–and lo, they did. Thus was born an unbreakable bond between six men. Unfettered by New Zealand's pesky laws and the burdens of the contemporary music scene, they were free to sail the Antipodean oceans, cranking the shit out of Michael McDonald and his contemporaries. Cashing in on some rare shore leave, Fabulous/Arabia are appearing live at Auckland City Limits, playing nothing but the smooth hits of seventies radio. Forget your cares and...come aboard!