DJ Tina Turntables




DJ Tina Turntables has been spinning tunes around the traps for nearly 10 years (well, the Central Auckland traps, tbh, apart from that one time in a cool London bar & a New Years at Queenstown’s Sherwood). She’s co-hosted 95bFM’s Sunday show Back On The Goodfoot for the past 6 years orso, and specializes in a mixed gumbo of Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Blues, Funk, Disco, Garage & Rock’n’Roll spiced up with Alternative, Punk, Rock, Pop and Hip-Hop. The food related metaphors tend tobe jambalaya, tapas or smorgasbord... a warm, spicy and even surprising mix of delicacies is what we’re going for here. She’s a regular at Silo Park Cinema, Lovebucket Bar, Golden Dawn Tavern of Power, Whammy Bar and Auckland Live’s Cabaret Season and also DJ’d after parties for Peaches & The Rolling Stones, as well as opening for The Black Keys, The Dirtbombs, AK79, Wanda Jackson & Prince.... yep was outside, but still.